Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Executive Committee

The CEO leads and develops the operations of Finnpilot, oversees the daily administration, and ensures that the accounting is carried out as prescribed by law and that asset management is implemented in a trustworthy fashion.

The CEO oversees the execution of the decisions made by the Board of Directors, and adheres to the instructions of the Board. The CEO shall provide the Board of Directors with information regarding the structure, business and marketing of Finnpilot, as well as on any significant measures and events that are directly related to the activities of Finnpilot. The terms regulating the position of CEO are determined in the written contract approved by the Board of Directors.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Master Mariner and  Master of Science in Technology Kari Kosonen, serves as CEO of Finnpilot.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of Finnpilot is comprised of the CEO, serving as Chairman. The Unit Directors are members of the Executive Committee. Head of Communications attends the meetings.

The Pilotage Unit is responsible for pilotage services, pilotage zones and pilotage coordination.
The Unit Director is Sanna Sonninen.

The Transportation Unit is responsible for transportation services, properties and transport equipment.
The Unit Director is Aki Marjasvaara.

The Personnel Unit is responsible for personnel matters, legal issues and the payroll.
The Unit Director is Kati Virtanen.

The Economy Unit is responsible for financial planning, controlling, accounting and invoicing.
The Unit Director is Timo Sirén.


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