The CEO of Finnpilot Pilotage Ltd is Kari Kosonen. The activities of the company are divided into four units.

The Pilotage Unit is responsible for pilotage services, pilotage zones and pilotage coordination.
The Unit Director is Sanna Sonninen.

The Transportation Unit is responsible for transportation services, properties and transport equipment.
The Unit Director is Aki Marjasvaara.

The Personnel Unit is responsible for personnel matters, legal issues and the payroll.
The Unit Director is Kati Virtanen.

The Economy Unit is responsible for financial planning, controlling, accounting and invoicing.
The Unit Director is Timo Sirén.

The operational units, namely the Pilotage Unit and Transportation Unit, are also primarily responsible for the implementation of Finnpilot’s safety mission. Each unit undertakes to provide the training related to this task.

The unit directors and the CEO together form the Executive Committee. The Head of Communications also participates in the meetings of the Executive Committee.


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