12/19/17 3:00 PM

Collection for the families of those lost in the Emäsalo disaster

The pilot cutter operators’ association (Luotsikutterinkuljettajat ry), The Finnish Seamen’s Mission and Finnpilot have initiated a joint collection for the families and, in particular, the children of those lost in the pilot boat disaster.

The proceeds of the collection will be given, in their entirety, to those in need. The collection is being organised through the Kotimaanapu service of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. Finnpilot will pay all administrative fees and the parish of Porvoo will distribute the donations.

You can freely choose the amount of the donation you wish to make. The donation can be made through your own online bank. Donations from outside of Finland can be paid using Visa or Mastercard, or can be sent as an international bank transfer.

Donations can be made anonymously and beyond the target collection sum.

The collection site can be accessed via this link https://www.lahjoitaapua.fi/kohde/kerays_luotsionnettomuuden_uhrien_omaisten_avuksi

The pilot cutter operators’ association (Luotsikutterinkuljettajat ry), Finnpilot Pilotage Ltd, The Finnish Seamen’s Mission, the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran parish of Porvoo, and the Kotimaanapu service within the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland extend their deepest sympathies to the families of the deceased.




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