9/26/18 3:00 PM

No rise in the price of pilotage for 2019

The growth in pilotage assignments is the result of positive development in Finland’s international trade. Finnpilot has succeeded in meeting the pilotage needs of the growing vessel traffic by means of long-term planning and ongoing operational development. During 2019, pilotage fees will remain at the level of the previous year.

At its meeting on 26 September, the Board of Directors of Finnpilot Pilotage Ltd. decided that there will be no increase in the pilotage fees for 2019. The price level in the Saimaa region will remain at 26% of the pilotage fee charged in coastal waters, and other fees related to the pilotage process, such as the standby, cancellation and order transfer fees, will also remain unchanged. 

The number of pilotage assignments developed positively during 2018, as was the case during the preceding year. The growth in the tonnage of maritime transports is reflected in the increasing number of pilotage orders throughout all coastal pilotage areas.

Further information

Kari Kosonen, CEO, kari.kosonen@finnpilot.fi, tel. +358 40 741 4625

Timo Siren, Financial Director, timo.siren@finnpilot.fi, tel. +358 40 145 9848


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