Pilotage fees

The pilotage fee is based on the tonnage of the vessel in question and the distance to be piloted. The pilotage fee is charged for each beginning nautical mile. A fee based on a lower unit price is charged for pilotage in the Saimaa Canal and the Saimaa waterways.

In accordance with the Pilotage Act, the Board of Directors at Finnpilot shall determine the unit price, the reduced unit price and other possible commission fees.

Pilotage Fees 2019

Pilotage Fees 2018

Estimate of the pilotage fee

In order to get an estimated pilotage fee, select the pilot boarding position and port in question from the adjoining table and enter the net tonnage of your vessel into the calculator. The pilot who will carry out the pilotage assignment will, however, together with the captain, make the final decision about the route to be taken on the basis of prevailing conditions.



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